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Mexico does not have a disability Parking Permit scheme - the vehicle of a Mexican registered disabled person has a special license plate showing a wheelchair symbol

Parking spaces


Those reserved for a disabled person are marked with the wheelchair symbol.


Where you may use your Parking Permit


Mexican disabled person

We currently are not able to offer advice on parking privileges in Mexico, or your right to benefit from parking privileges in a country you intend to visit.


Visitor to Mexico

Your parking permit can not be used in Mexico.


Parking on roads (Mexican disabled people only)


Do not park on a road where parking is prohibited.


Do not park where your car would cause an obstruction or cause danger.


You must pay to park at a parking meter and not exceed the paid-for time.


You must not exceed the time limit on a road where parking is free but the time you may park is limited.


Parking in car parks (Mexican disabled people only)


There are no parking concessions given to disabled people when parking in a car park other than to use a parking space marked with the wheelchair symbol.



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