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Slovenia has adopted the European Model Parking Card.

Parking spaces


Those reserved for a Parking Card holder are marked with the wheelchair symbol.


Do not park if the space is marked with someone's name or a licence plate number.


Where you may use your Parking Card


Slovenian Parking Card holder

You may use your Parking card in most EU / EEA member states.


Look at the entry for the country you intend visiting to see if your Parking Card can be used.


Visitor to Slovenia

Visitor from another EU / EEA member state – you may use your Parking Card in Slovenia.


Visitor from outside the EU / EEA – we currently have no information about whether you can use Parking Card in Slovenia.


Parking on roads


Slovenian Parking Card holder

You may park for up to two hours on a road where parking is prohibited but only if you are not causing an obstruction.


Do not drive or park in a pedestrian zone.


You must pay to park on a road where payment is required and not exceed the paid-for time.


You may be permitted to park on the pavement, but you must ensure that at least 1.6m is available for pedestrians – check the parking signs or ask locally.


Parking in car parks


Some car parks allow vehicles displaying the Parking Card to be parked free-of-charge or with a charge reduction - check the parking notices or ask an attendant.


Visitor to Slovenia from another EU/EEA member state ONLY – print and display this notice next to your Parking Card


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