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Hungary has not adopted the European Model Parking Card, and issues its own Parking card.

Parking spaces


Those reserved for a Parking Card holder are marked with the wheelchair symbol.


Do not park if the space is marked with someone's name or a licence plate number.


Where you may use your Parking Card


Where you may use your Parking Card


Hungarian parking card holder

Your parking card is accepted in other EU / EEA member states, and it is accepted in countries outside Europe that only recognise the European Model.


Look at the entry for the country you intend visiting to see if your parking card can be used.


Visitor to Hungary

Visitor from another EU / EEA member state - you may use your Parking Card in Hungary.


Visitor from outside the EU / EEA – you should ask locally before you park.


Parking on roads


On roads and in car parks, parking places reserved for disabled people are marked with a wheelchair symbol.


You may park for 60 minutes without payment on a road where payment is required and you may exceed the maximum time allowed by 60 minutes. Check locally.


You are allowed to drive in and park in pedestrian zones. Speed limit is 10 km/h.


In some areas you may park where parking is prohibited unless loading and unloading is indicated and if you are not causing an obstruction.  Check locally.


Do not park on a road restricted to loading and unloading.


You may drive into a restricted road or zone only if that is the only way to reach your destination – we recommend extreme caution in using this concession.



Parking in car parks


Some car parks allow a vehicle displaying the Parking Card to park free-of-charge - check the car park notices or ask an attendant, and ask locally if your Parking Card is accepted.



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